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Feb 11, 2006
Frank Popp at SOUL SURGERY / Volkshaus Leipzig

not in playing order

Bobby Sheen - Dr. Love  (Capitol)
Bobby Guy - Good Enough  (APT)
Jimmy Jones - Walkin'  (Roulette)
The Trends - If you don't dig the blues  (ABC Paramount)
Tommy Hunt - Work Song  (Scepter)
Jo Ann Henderson - Baby please don't go  (Phonograph)
Fats Domino - If you don't know what love is  (ABC Paramount)
Judy Clay - Do you think that's right  (Ember)
Sherri Taylor - He's the one that rings my bell (Gloreco)
Grover Mitchell - That's a good idea  (Veejay)
Jean Dushon - Feeling Good  (Cadet)
Lula Reed - Walk on by me  (TRC)
Chuck Wright - The Palm of your hand  (Ember)
Willie Jones - Where's my money  (Mr. Peacock)
Dorothy Berry & Jimmy Norman - I'm with you all the way  (Little Star)
Joe Tex - I wanna be free  (Dial)
Little Willie John - I'm shakin  (King)
Bud Harper - Wherever you were  (Peacock)
Marie Knight - Come On Baby  (Okeh)
Miss Lavell - Stop these teardrops  (Duke)
Herbert Hunter - I was born to love you (Spar)
Joe Anderson - So Glad  (Heidi)
The Fuller Brothers - Moanin, Groanin and Cryin  (Keymen)
Ricky Ricks - Chained & Bound  (Sure Shot)
Billy Gales - I'm hurting  (Shock)
Dee Dee Sharp - Deep Dark Secret  (Cameo)
The Volcanos - Take me back again  (Narthon)
Brothers of Soul -  I'd be greatful  (Boo)
Eskew Reeder - Undivided Love  (Instant)
Little Esther - If it's news to you  (Savoy)
Jimmy Ricks - Daddy Rollin Stone  (Atco)
Varetta Dillard - That's why I cry  (RCA)
Darrow Fletcher - My Young Misery  (Groovy)
Gene Chandler - Mr. Big Shot  (Constellation)
John E Paul - I wanna know  (Decca)
Cassietta George - Don't give up  (Audio Gospel)
Betty Moorer - Speed Up  (Wand)
Esther Phillips - Just say goodbye  (Atlantic)
Phil Flowers - You little devil  (Josie)
Merle Spears - I want to know  (Atlantic)
Johnny Watson - I say I love you  (King)
Lonnie Lester - You can't go  (Nu Tone)
Little Carl Carlton - Competition ain't nothing  (Back Beat)
Detroit Soul - All of my life  (Music Town)
Billy Eckstine - I wonder why  (Motown)
Mack Rice - Baby I'm coming home  (Lu Pine)
Erma Franklin - I don't want no mama's boy  (Epic)
Sonny Til - Hey Little Woman  (Charlie Parker Records)
Jimmy Preacher Ellie - I'm gonna do it by myself  (Jewel)
Etta James - Mellow Fellow  (Argo)
Billy Prophet - What can I do?  (Sue)
The Metros - Since I found my baby  (RCA)
The Exits - You got to have money  (Gemini)
Barbara Lynn - I don't want a playboy  (Tribe)
Richard Berry - Have love will travel  (Flip)
Gloria Lynne - You don't have to be a tower of strength  (Everest)
The Profiles - Take a giant step  (Goldie)

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