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Jan 27, 2006
Peter Werhand at Aachen Weekender / Apollo Cinema

Friday night (between 2 and 3 h)

The Seven Souls - I still love you - Okeh
Frank Dell - He broke your game wide open - Valise
Douglas Banks - Ain't that just like a woman - Guyden
The Cautions - No other way Shrine
Bill Bush I'm waiting - Ronn
Lenny Curtis - Nothing can help you now - End
The Constellations - I don't know about you Gemini Star
The Dynells - Call on me - Atco
Guitar Ray You're gonna wreck my life - Shagg
Jimmie Redd jr. - I ain't gonna no where - Mercury
TSU Toronados - Please heart don't break - Rampart Street
The Contemplations - Alone with no love - Dontee
Soul Bros. Inc - Pyramid - Golden Eye
The Montclairs - Hey you! Don't fight it - Arch
Bobby Kline - Say something nice to me - MB
Caper Brothers - I ain't gonna write you - Roulette wd
Dottie & Millie Talkiin' about my baby - Topper
Cleveland Robinson - Boy - Nosnibor (light blue label)
Jock Mitchell - Not a chance in a million - Impact wd
Tan Geers - Let my heart and soul be free - Okeh wd
The Cashmeers - Show stopper - HEM
Georg Smith I've had it - Turntable
Liz Verdi - Think it over (and be shure) - Columbia wd
Kenny Wells Isn't it just a shame - New Voice
Jack Montgomery - My dear beloved Scepter

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