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Oct 29, 2005
Thorsten Wegner at PLAYIN' IT COOL / Kosmospolitan Leipzig

almost complete but no way in playing order

23:30 24:00 / 03:00 04:00
C.V. Horn - Love is a situation - DELLA
Little Dooley - You twine so fine - BAYLOR
Festivals Checkin' out - BLUE ROCK
Dynamics - I need your love - RCA
Kennard Gardner - Do the skin - DORE
Willie Kendrick - Change your ways - RCA
All Night Workers - Honey & Wine - CAMEO
Dynells - Call on me - ATCO
Jock Mitchell - Not a chance in a million - IMPACT
Cash Mc Call I'm in danger - CHECKER
Claude Huey - Feel good all over - EARLY BIRD
Two People - Stop leave my heart alone - REVUE
Jokers - Soul Sound - SKOFIELD
George Tinley Ain't gonna worry about you - DOO WOPP
George Byrd I'm available - TRC
Joyce Taylor - What can I do - WALLY
Willie Kendrick What's that on your finger - RCA
Bobby Kline - Say something nice - MB
Major Harris - Call me tomorrow - OKEH
Stoppers - Come back baby - JUBILEE
Liz Verdy - Think it over - COLUMBIA
Lula Reed - Take your time - TRC
Roosevelt Matthews - You got me diggin' you - KING
John Bowie You're gonna miss a good thing - MERBEN
Oxford Knights I'm such a lonely one - DELPHI
Lost Soul - Secret of mine - RAVEN
Johnny Howard - The chase is on - BASHIE
Larry Davis I've been hurt so many times - KENT
Freddie Williams I've got to live while I can - HOLLYWOOD
O'Jays Workin' on your case - MINIT
Clarence Hill - A lot of lovin' goin' 'round - MAINSTREAM
George Jackson - Tender Love - DORO
Exits - Another sundown in Watts - KAPP
Celeste Hardie You're gone - REYNOLDS
Lost Family - Blow my mind - INTERNATIONAL MUSIC BAG
Eddie Billups - Shake off that dream - HELPP
Bottom & Company - Gonna find a true love - MOTOWN
Buddy Miles I'm just a kiss away - COLUMBIA
Sam Nesbit - Chase those clouds away - AMOS

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