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Jan 14, 2005
Michael Fuchs & Peanut Vendor at Carl Willingham's Tribute Night, Middleton Civic Centre

Peanut Vendor (3:15 – 3:50)

Eddie King & Mae B. May – Please Mr. DJ (Conduc)
Earl Connelly – This Girl (Master Sound)
David Coleman – Drown my heart (Barry)
Bunny Sigler – For cryin' out loud (Decca)
Sandra Phillips – You succeeded (Broadway)
Clay Hammond – Dance little girl (Duo Disc)
Johnnie Jackson & The Blazers feat. Merle Spears – What you gonna do (J-Mer)
Mary Moultrie – They're trying to tear us apart (King)
Disciples of Soul – That's the way love goes (Phantom)
Esquires – Dancin' a hole in the world (Rocky Ridge)
Al Mason – Good lovin' (Fynal Vynal)
Fir-Ya – Keep on tryin' (Star Glow)
Bobby Sheen – Something new to do (WB)
Our Brother's Keeper – The Harlem clown (King)

Michael Fuchs (03:50 – 04:30)
Shirley Wahls – Why am I crying (King)
Tracie Robbins – What was she doing (Decca)
Sparkels – Try love (one more time) (Old Town)
Curtis Blandon – Mr. Imagination (Port)
Miracles – If your mother only knew (Tamla)
Jean Brooks – Tomorrow never came (G-Note)
The Pets – I say yeah (Carnival)
Geno Washington – I've been hurt by love (Pye Germany)
New Yorkers – Don't want to be your fool (Tac-Ful)
Cajun Heart – Got to find a way (WB)
Tony Colton – I stand accused (ABC)
Leon Peterson – Searchin' (Bobbin)
Clarence Williams – No rest for the worried (Throne)
Charles Spurling – She cried just a minute (King)
Donna Loren – Blowing out the candle (Capitol)

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