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Nov 20, 2004
"Playin' it cool" Allnighter Leipzig

Ady Small (22:30 - 23:45)

Jackie Lee - Would you believe (Mirwood)
Christine Kittrell - Call his name (Federal)
Jimmy Hughes - It ain't what you got (Atlantic)
Clyde McPhatter - I'll love you till the cows come home (Mercury)
Willie Tee - I want somebody (Atlantic)
Etta James & Sugar Pie Desanto - Do I make myself clear (Argo)
Sam Cooke - Sugar dumpling (RCA)
Big Maybelle - I can't wait any longer (Rojac)
The Bobbettes - Having fun (RCA)
The Trends - Dance with me baby (Smash)
Garnet Mimms - Prove it to me (United Artists)
The Ad Libs - Think of me (Karen)
Major Lance - The matador (Okeh)
Jimmy Bailey - Hush (Columbia)
Willie Hatcher - Head over heels (King)
Sharpees - Tired of being lonely (One-derful)
Jackie Wilson - I've lost you (Brunswick)
Clifford Curry - Ain't no danger (Elf)
Barbara Lynn - This is the thanks I get (Atlantic)
Barbara Lynn - Take your love and run (Atlantc)
The Majestics - (I love her so much) It hurts me (Linda)
Peaches & Herb - We're in this thing together (Date)
The Insiders - I'm just a man (RCA)
Willie Kendrick - Change your ways (RCA)
Dee Dee Sharp - What kind of a lady (Gamble)
Wally Cox - This man (Wand)
The Blossoms - That's when the tears start (Reprise)
Betty Everett - Sugar (Uni)

Marc Forrest (1st set 23:45 - 0:50)

Johnny Rodgers - Make a change (Amon)
Tony Clarke - Landslide (Chess)
Soul Bros 6 - c/up
Idols - Check her out (USA)
Fred & The Turbines - Bernadine (Cenco)
Mousie & The Traps - How about you (Toddlin Town)
Gary Brown & The Chants - Spoiled child (Brownie)
Sebastian Williams - Too much (Sound of Soul)
Vanguards - Gotta have love (Lamp)
Sensations - Changed man (Way Out)
Calvin Grayson - Love just begun (In)
Jimmy Raye - Philly dog around the world (KKC)
Sugar Lumps - Won't you help me (Uptown)
Mel Britt - She'll come running back (Fip)
Marlyn Barbarin - Just a teenager (Nola)
Pat Brown - The good got to suffer for the bad (Seven B)
Joey Gilmore - Do it to me one more time (Phi-La of Soul)
Joe Tex - I wanna be free (Dial)
El Corols - Ain't no bragg (Rouser)
Frankie & The Damons - Bad woman (Damon)
Valerie Hebert - Dancing in the street (Skofield)
Toni (and The Showmen) - Try my love (Ten Star)
Little Tommy - Baby can't you see (Sound of Soul)
Ree Flores - Look into my heart (M&H)
Little Stanley - Outa sight loving (Vance)
Dewey Black - Takin' love where I find it (Reeflair)

Carl Willingham
1st set 0:50 - 2:15 / 2nd set 2:45 - 4:00 (not in playing order)

Earl Jackson - Soul self satisfaction (ABC) his starter
Martelles - Where can my baby be (A La Carte)
Bad Weather - I never knew (Bad Weather)
Dorothy Williams - The well's gone dry (Bandstand USA)
Bull - Bygones (Bell)
Empires - You're on top girl (Candy)
Gladys Tyler - A little bitty girl (Decca)
Difosco - Sunshine love (Earthquake)
Bruce Cloud - My book (Era)
Frankie Beverly - Because of my heart (Fairmount)
Enchantments - I'm in love with your daughter (Faro)
The Just Brothers - Carlena (Garrison)
Cody Black - I'm slowly moulding (King)
The Romeos - Mon petite chow (Loma)
Karmello Brooks - Tell me, baby (Milestone)
Imperial C's - Somebody tell her (Phil L.A. of Soul)
Appreciations - It's better to cry (Sport)
Lou Pride - I'm com'un home in the morning (Suemi)
Faye Simmons - I don't want to (cover up)
Vondells - Hey girl you've changed (Airtown)
Montclairs - Hey you don't fight it (Arch)
Gwen and Ray - Build your house on a strong foundation (Bee Bee)
Bob and Fred - I'll be on my way (Big Mac)
The Soul Set - Will you ever learn (Bi-Me)
Harrison Brothers - Run for your life (Bobalou)
George Pepp - The feeling is real (Coleman)
The Greater Experience - Don't forget to remember (Colony)
Paulette - Love you baby (Contact)
De-Lites - Lover (Cuppy)
Jimmie Bo Horn - I can't speak (Dade)
Moments - You said (Deep)
The Oxford Nights - I'm such a lonely one (Delphi)
Paris - Sleepless nights (Doc)
Johnny Hampton - Not my girl (Dotty's)
Constellations - I don't know about you (Gemini Star)
George Lemmons - Fascinating girl (Gold Soul)
Cashmeres - Showstopper (Hem)
Billy Arnell - Tough girl (Holly)
Nabay - Believe it or not (Impact)
Isonics - Sugar (Kammy)
Bobby James - I really love you (Karol)
Utopias - Girls are against me (La Salle)
Hamilton Movement - She's gone (Look Out)
The Executive Four - I got a good thing going (Lu Mar)
Four Tracks - Like my love for you (Mandingo)
Bobby Kline - Say something nice to me (M B)
Rita Dacosta - Don't bring me down (Pandora)
Admirations - You left me (Peaches)
The Group - I don't like to lose (Prophonics)
Fortson and Scott - Sweet lover (Pzazz)
Jackey Beavers - I need my baby (Revilot)
Bill Bush - I'm waiting (Ronn)
Magnetics - When I'm with my baby (Sable)
Soul Brothers Inc. - Teardrops (Salem)
Soulettes - Bring your fine self home (Scope)
Masquaders - That's the same thing (Soultown)
Rosebuds - Say you'll be mine (Tower)
Johnny Honeycutt - I'm coming over (Triode)
Ralph Graham - She just sits there (Up Front)
Survivors - Good baby (Valli)
Gwen Owens - Just say you're wanted (Velgo)
Tomangoes - I really love you (Washpan)
Salvadors - Stick by me baby (Wise World)
Ray Merrell - Tears of joy (Jayboy)
John and The Wierdest - Can't get over these memories (Tie) his finisher

Peanut Vendor (2:15 - 2:45)

Bobby Sheen - Something new to do (WB)
Jackie Wilson - You left the fire burning (Brunswick)
Forris Woods - Stoned on love (Abbott)
The Mighty Marvelows - Talkin' 'bout ya, baby (ABC)
Disciples of Soul - That's the way love goes (Phantom)
Lucille Mathis - I'm not your regular woman (A-bet)
Ray Barretto - A deeper shade of Soul (Fania)
David Coleman - Drown my heart (Barry)
Bunny Sigler - For cryin' out loud (Decca)
Sandra Phillips - You succeeded (Broadway)
Theresa Lindsay - Good idea (Correc-tone)
The Upfronts - Baby, for your love (Lummtone)
The De Vons - Someone to treat me (King)

The "3 before 5"

Big Dee Irwin - And heaven was here (Dimension)
The Drew-Vels - It's my time (Capitol)
Big Maybelle - Let me go (Port)

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