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OCT 2, 2004
Lionel Girard (Paris) at SUN'N'SOUL Allnighter Dresden

1st set

Hal Miller - On My Own Two Feet
The Seminoles - You Can Lump It
Jimmy Reed Jr. - I Ain't Going Nowhere
Pic & Bill - Talk About Love
The Attractions - Burn Up Some Road
The Fabulous Dimensions - I Can't Take It Baby
The Exits - You Got To Have Money
Jack Montgomery - Do You Believe It
Dottie & Millie - Talkin' About My Baby
Marva Lee - If You Can't Be True
Phil Terrell - I'm Just A Young Boy
Emanuel Laskey - Don't Lead Me On Baby
Chris Campbell - You Gotta Pay Dues
Cam Cameron - They Say
Ray & Dave - Wrong Wrong Wrong
Gigi & The Charmaines - Guilty
Al Gardner - Sweet Baby
Tommy Frontera - Leading Lady
Charlie Harris - All Over Town
George Wydell - Do The Walk
The Dynamics - And That's A Natural Fact
The Sty-Letts - Too Far To Turn Around

2nd set

Judson Moore - Everybody Push And Pull
The Stratoliners - What Do You Want With My Love
The Soul Patrol - Need Of Love
Village Sounds - These Windows
Roy Roberts - Got To Have All Your Love
Anthony & The Aqualads - I Remember
The Velvet Satins - Nothing Can Compare To You
Lonzine Cannon - Quit While I'm Ahead
Rosalind Madison - Neighborhood Girl
The Pets - I Say Yeah
George Wydell - I'm Gonna Cut You Loose
The El Corols - Chick Chick
The Accents - Who You Gonna Love?
The Shepards - Little Girl Lost
The Fabulous Peps - My Love Looks Good On You
Jimmy Holiday - I've Been Done Wrong
The Vontastics - I'll Never Say Goodbye
Larry Atkins - Lighten Up
The Supremes - Stormy
Esther Phillips - Just Say Goodbye

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