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Apr. 17, 2004
Puresoulie at HIPSHAKIN', Beat Club Dessau

Curtis Lee - Is she in your town (Mira)
Soul Communicaters - Those lonely nights (Fee Bee)
Gary Dean - You can say (Young)
Volumes - The trouble I've seen (Impact)
Mousie & The Traps - How about you (Toddlin Town)
Ozz & The Sperlings - You can qualify (Golden Way)
Big Daddy Rogers - I'm a big man (Midas)
Sandra Phillips - You succeeded (Broadway)
Martha Starr - No part time love for me (Thelma)
Rotations - Put a dime on D-9 (Frantic)
David Morris - Stoned on love (Radnor)
Johnny Williams - Baby be mine (Bashie)
Norwood Long - I'd like to have you (Groovey Grooves)
Otis Clay - Baby Jane (Dakar)
Kelly Garrett - Love's the only answer (Smash)
Wade Flemons - Jeanette (Ramsel)
Normandies - Really, really loved (unreleased acetate)
Jon Tee - You made a lover out of me (J Tone)
Bonnie Herman - Hush don't cry (Columbia)
Jewel Akens - My first lonely night without you (Era)
Kenny Carter - Lost and found (Blue Rock)
Roy & The Dew Drops - I'm gonna hurt you (Wind Hit)
Tikis - Sound of Soul (Reco)
Jimmy Ricks - Oh! What a feeling (Festival)
Ceasar Peters - I can't come back to you (unreleased acetate)
Pretenders - Temptation walk (Jerk)
Gallahads - I've got to find a way (Beechwood)
Tony Colton - I stand accused (ABC)
Triumphs - Workin' (Okeh)
Tangeers - Let my heart and soul be free (Okeh)
Tiaras - Love's made a connection (Seton)
Andrea Henry - I need you like a baby (MGM)
Johnny McCall - You can't get away (Satellite)
Cristine Cooper - Heartaches away my boy (Parkway)
Servicemen - Are you angry (Wind Hit)
Trends - That's how I like it (ABC)
Embers - You can lump it (Act IV)
Steve Mancha - Did my baby call (Wheelsville)
Artistics - I'll come running back (Okeh)
C.O.D.'s - Coming back girl (Kellmac)
Don Varner - Tear stained face (Quinvy)
Servicemen - Connie (Chartmaker)
Seven Souls - I still love you (Okeh)
Sam Fletcher - I'd think it over (Tollie)
Jimmy Wallace - I'll be back (Alpha)
Chi-lites - She's mine (Blue Rock)
Jock Mitchell - Not a chance in a million (Impact)
Ernie Johnson - I can't stop the pain (Artco)
Carl Hall - My baby's so good (Mercury)
Tony Middleton - To the ends of the earth (MGM)
Blenders - Your love has got me down (Mar-V-Lus)
Topics - Hey girl (Chadwick)
Jimmy Seals - The yesterday of our love (Challenge)
Silky Hargraves - You're too good (Dearborn)
Jackpots - I just wanna let you know (unreleased acetate)
Moses Smith - The girl across the street (Dionn)
Don Ray - Born a loser (RCA)
Thelma Lindsay - Prepared to love you (Magic City)

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