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Jan. 17, 2004
Slush'n'Soul Allnighter, Parkhotel Dresden

No doubt this was one of the finest Allnighters I've witnessed so far in Germany! It just had everything musicwise: well-chosen classics, top rarities, 6T's, modern, uptempo, midtempo - and it was less sixties biased than it is usually the case if there's only one room. At the beginning some people were obviously surprised that the DJs really dared playing songs that were too slow for some taste. But once they had accepted the idea - which was not too hard to do given the quality and soulfulness of the tunes - they really started enjoying it!

I've listed the first set of each DJ, so what you find here is basically all the songs that were played between 11 p.m. and 2:30 a.m.

Mr. Groove (Offenbach)

It took Mr. Groove to be the one to start the party - which he did!

Funk Brothers feat. Chaka Khan - Ain't no mountain high enough (Dub Plate)
Belita Woods - Magic corner (MOIRA)
Ann Sexton - You've been gone too long (SEVENTY 7)
The Frank Popp Ensemble - Breakaway (UK EXPANSION) request
Erma Franklin - I get the sweetest feeling (BRUNSWICK Promo)
Bobby Bland - Shoes (DUKE)
Patti Austin - Soneone's gonna cry (CORAL)
Moses Smith - Try my love (DIONN)
Detroit Soul - All of my life (MUSIC TOWN)
Betty Lloyd - I'm catching on (BSC)
Shirley Lawson - One more chance (BACK BEAT)
Lee Andrew & The Hearts - I've had it (CRIMSON Promo)
Motherlode - What does it take to win your love (BUDDAH)
The Winstons - Need replacement (CURTOM Promo)
Roger Troy - Don't put the blame on me baby (RCA LP)
Barbara Lynn - You're losing me (ICHIBAN LP)
Soul Children - We're getting to close (STAX LP)
Ann Sexton - You got to use what you got (SOUND STAGE 7)

Ed Fothergill (Yorkshire)

Ed Fothergill from Yorkshire who currently lives in Frankfurt played a Motown-only first set, later followed by another set full of tasty classics.
For those of you who are not so familiar with the matter: "Tamla Motown" means that it's a UK release, any other label name belongs to the US Motown group.

Gladys Knight & The Pips - No one could love you more (Tamla Motown)
Jimmy Ruffin - Everybody needs love (Tamla Motown)
The Originals - Good-night Irene (Tamla Motown)
J.J. Barnes - Please let me in (Tamla Motown)
Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Gotta hold on to this feeling (Soul)
Tata Vega - I need you now (Tamla)
Eric & The Vikings - I'm truly yours (Gordy)
Bobby Taylor - Oh, I've been bless'd (VIP)
The Miracles - Whole lotta shakin' in my heart (Tamla Motown)
The Velvelettes - These things will keep me loving you (Tamla Motown)
The Spinners - Truly yours (Motown)
Barbara Randolph - You got me hurtin' all over (Tamla Motown)
Edwin Starr - Back street (Tamla Motown)
Stevie Wonder - Another star (Tamla)
Earl Van Dyke - All for you (Tamla Motown)
Smokey Robinson - Ever had a dream (Tamla)
The Temptations - I'll be in trouble (Gordy)

Marc Forrest (Berlin)

Playing for the connoisseurs and pleasing the crowd at the same time!

Demures - Raining teardrops (BRUNSWICK)
Billy Kennedy - Sweet things (THELMA)
Jackie Wilson - I believ I'll live on (BRUNSWICK)
Sinner Strong - Nobody (SEROCK)
Carter Bros. - (She's so fine) Glad she is mine (JEWEL)
Arthur Freeman - You got me uptight (JUMBO)
Limitations - I'm lonely I'm troubled (BACONE)
Mel Britt - She'll be coming back (FIP)

that was his winner in the first set IMO, packed the floor completely Gloria Shannon - Tears (are gifts from heaven) unrel. acetate
Eddie Hughes - Soulsearcher (BARD)
Willie Tee - Please don't go (NOLA) request
Bobby Reed - Baby don't leave me (SHRINE UK)
Monitors - Don't put off till tomorrow (what you can do today) (VIP)
Little Stanley - The stran (VANCE)
Jimmy Raye - Philly Dog around the world (KKC)
Gambrells - You better move (CARLA)
Martha Starr - Love is th eonly solution (THELMA)
Johnny Rodgers - Make a change (AMON)
Rodger & The Nutones - Make a change (Cover/up)
Groovettes - Think it over Baby (RENESS)

many more great tracks in his second set,
particularly Don & Juan - Heartbreaking truth (MALA)

MS Dienel (Dresden)

Great response from his home crowd for the organizer of the event.

Frankie & The Classicals - What shall I do (CALLA)
Marvin Gaye - This love starved heart of mine (TAMLA)
Dena Barnes - If you ever walk out of my life (INFERNO)
Lydia Marcelle - It's not like you (MANHATTAN)
Sam Fletcher - I'd think it over (TOLLIE)
Anne Heywood - Crook his little finger (HONDO)
Liz Verdi - Think it over (and be sure) (COLUMBIA)
Bobby Sheen - Dr. Love (CAPITOL)
The Lost Soul - A secret of mine (RAVEN)
Cookie Jackson - Do you still love me (PROGRESS)
Ronnie & Robyn - As long as you love me (SIDRA)
Barbara Dane - I'm on my way (3 TREY)
Mitty Collier - My babe (CHESS)
Bobbie Smith & The Dreamgirls - Now he's gone (BIG TOP)
The Volumes - Gotta give her love (AMERICAN ARTS)
Moses Smith - Girl across the street (DIONN)
Jewel Akens - My first lonely night (ERA)
Jimmy "Soul" Clark - I'll be your champion (SOULHAWK)
Terry Callier - Look at me now (CADET)
The Parakeets - I want you right now (BIG TOP)
The Chaumonts - Love is the thing (CARAVELLE)

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