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NOV 29, 2003
MS Dienel at UPTIGHT 5th Anniversary Frankfurt/M.

UPTIGHT's fifth anniversary had so many top DJs that they needed to draw straws for the running order. Do you know of any other event where a Arthur Fenn would do the opening spot? Unbelievable! It was a great night with many good sets, particularly from Thorsten Wegener (Hamburg) and Stephane Yver (France). And this is what my old buddy played:

Barbara Dane - I'm on my way (3 Trey)
Joanie Sommers - Don't pity me (WB)
Gerri Diamond - Mama you forgot (HBR)
Dena Barnes - If you ever walk out of my life (Inferno)
The Lost Soul - A secret of mine (Raven)
Cookie Jackson - Do you still love me (Progress)
Crampton Sisters - I didn't know what time it was (DCP)
Ronnie & Robin - As long as you love me (Sidra)
The Embers - Watch out girl (MGM)
The Majestics - (I love her so much) it hurts me (Linda)
The Epitome of Sound - You don't love me (Sandbag)
The Chaumonts - Love is the thing (Chaumont)
Shawn Elliott - The joker (Roulette)
Earl Connelly - This girl (Master Sound)
Moses Smith - Girl across the street (Dionn)
The Volumes - I just can't help myself (American Arts)
Johnny Summers - I can't let go (Yorktown)
The Fabulous Denos - Once I had a love (King)
Larry Allen - Can we talk it over (Green Dolphin)

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