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DEC 20, 2003
Peanut Vendor at HIPSHAKIN'/Beat Club Dessau

Hipshakin' is a mixed do of Northern Soul, Beat and 6T's club hits. Nice venue in a small town, always packed with young people who don't care particularly about any of the songs played as long as the rhythm keeps them going. Always fun to play there!

1st set 24:00 - 0:45

Ramsey Lewis - Function at the junction (Cadet)
Arthur Conley (R.I.P.) - Sweet Soul music (Atco)
Billy Preston - In the midnight hour (Capitol)
Garland Green - It rained 40 days and nights (Uni LP)
Aretha Franklin - Tighten up your tie, button up you jacket, make it for the door (Columbia)
Ray Charles - Hide 'nor hair (ABC Paramount)
Richard Anthony - Fiche le camp Jack (Columbia EP France)
Lou Rawls - When love goes wrong (Capitol)
Dino & Doc - A woman can't do (what a man do) (Volt)
Margie Hendrix - I call you lover but you ain't nothin' but a tramp (Mercury)
Maxine Brown - Little girl lost (Wand)
125th Street Candy Store - Strange sensation (Uptite)
Dee Irwin - I only get this feeling (Imperial)
The Lovettes - Little Miss Soul (Carnival Demo)
Major Lance - Rhythm (Okeh)
Lee Bracket - Ruby (Excello DJ copy)
Johnnie Taylor - Friday night (Stax)
The Mighty Marvelows - Your little sister (ABC LP)
Art Grayson - Bad dreams (4 Corners)

2nd set 2:15 - 3:00

Tarheel Slim & Little Ann - Can't stay away from you (Fire Demo)
Wilmer & The Dukes - Give me one more chance (Aphrodisiac)
The Olympics - I'll do a little bit more (Mirwood)
The Mighty Marvelows - Talkin' 'bout ya, Baby (ABC)
Jessie Mae - Don't freeze on me (Dra)
Mitty Collier - My Babe (Chess)
Ronnie Love - Chills and fever (Dot)
Mary Moultrie - They're trying to tear us apart (King)
The Shirelles - Mama said (Scepter) request
The Cinderellas - Baby, Baby (I still love you) (Dimension)
Barrett Strong - I better run (Tollie Demo)
Billy Butler - Gotta get away (Okeh)
The Virginia Wolves - Stay (Amy)
Jo Armstead and Band - The urge keeps coming (Giant)
Marvin Gaye - A bitter pill to swallow (TMG LP Germany)
Gladys Knight & The Pips - I heard it through the grapevine (Soul)
Mark V Unlimited - Gone (Sagport)
Sam Moultrie - I'll always love you (Warren)
The Supremes - Baby, Baby, wo ist unsere Liebe (CBS Germany)
The Sentimentals - I wanna love you (Mint)
Tower of Power - This time it's real (WB)

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