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Willkommen bei SOUL MAGIC, Leipzigs Seite für seltenen Soul aus den Sechzigern und Siebzigern.

SOUL MAGIC liefert aktuelle Infos zu interessanten Veranstaltungen in Leipzig oder in vertretbarer Nähe sowie einen tieferen Einblick in die seltsame und wundervolle Welt des Northern Soul.

SOUL MAGIC richtet sich in erster Linie an Soul-Interessierte in Leipzig bzw. an Leute, die wissen möchten, was in dieser Stadt in Sachen Rare 60s und 70s Soul passiert. Damit ist hoffentlich klar, daß es hier nicht vorrangig um neuzeitlichen Kuschel-Hip-Hop oder breitgetretenen Disko-Funk geht, sondern schlicht und ergreifend um SOUL.

Behaltet die Zuversicht! Soul on!
Peanut Vendor

Welcome to SOUL MAGIC, a web-site from Leipzig/Germany, established in November 2003 and run by Soul fan and local DJ Peanut Vendor, dedicated to the magic of rare, mainly Sixties and Seventies Soul music.

SOUL MAGIC is basically thought to be a source of information for people from my own town and the surrounding area where Soul music is still widely unknown (Leipzig is in the former East Germany), or for those who show some interest in how this local scene is slowly growing. I started getting deeper into Northern Soul only a few years ago about 1998, so I'm still discovering new things all the time...

You'll find some reading stuff on the role Soul music plays (or, unfortunately, rather doesn't play) in this part of the country and maybe the way how I tried to explain to the non-iniciated what Northern Soul is about says it all. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your visit!

Keep the faith! Soul on!
Peanut Vendor (January 2005)